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Core Purpose

We create a functional and aesthetically stunning IT experience for your users. 

Our Story

CompuLabs ETC is a  IT Solutions company providing professional IT consulting services to businesses and organizations across various industries. These services are designed to help clients improve their IT infrastructure, optimize their technology investments, and align their IT strategies with their business objectives.

From creating a new way for donors to interact with nonprofits online or helping teachers connect to more devices for an efficient workday,  we create effective IT solutions to meet our client’s unique technology needs. 

CompuLabs ETC was founded in 2017 by a father and son team of technology experts with over 50 years of combined experience.  We treat everyone in our organization like family and when you work with us,  you will be considered part of our family.   

At CompuLabs ETC, we develop sustainable IT solutions to create tangible results that help your business thrive by reinforcing what makes your organization special.   We look forward to being of service to your IT needs.


We build long-term relationships.

We expect professional excellence from our team.

We engage in working with our local community and abroad.


We focus on transparency.

We commit to keeping you informed.

We operate with understanding.


We work to create a company spirit between our staff and our clients.

We are dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

We deliver results.

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